Kick-off, ‘TECHville: voor- en natraject’

This month, the ‘TECHville: voor- en natraject’ project kicked off. At the T2 campus in Thor Park (Genk, Belgium), an interactive “TECHville” experience space is being developed. Young visitors (10-14 and 14-18 years old) are going to interact with aspects of a smart city in the form of a game. By doing so, they’ll reflect on what this city of the future looks like. Via the ‘TECHville’ experience, T2 campus wants to challenge children and youngsters to think about smart solutions and make them enthusiastic about technology by experimenting. No ready-made solutions, but the creative brain of young people and their classmates is stimulated in TECHville. Together with UCLL Lerarenopleiding, my colleague Jenny Stieglitz and I are currently working on a meaningful pre- and post-trajectory for pupils and their teachers. Check out the project description here.

[Image T2 campus, via:]

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